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Changzhou Jili Paper Co., Ltd.

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Changzhou Jili Paper Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Jili Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that prints decorative paper that can be used for laminated flooring, fireproof boards, furniture, etc. With advanced equipment and strict management, Jili brand decorative paper has the following characteristics:


1, clear pattern hosts the use of advanced Japan's Fuji technology high-speed gravure printing unit, the speed of up to 180m/min, which, in turn, makes the prints clear pattern, strong sense of hierarchy, in particular, can best reflect the texture of the texture. The texture of the texture is truly reflected. 

2, the pattern of the longitudinal direction without misalignment

The longitudinal alignment system adopts Japan's original TALYO computer alignment system, which ensures that the longitudinal alignment of the print pattern is accurate, and fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of longitudinal misalignment of the pattern.


3, the pattern eliminates the phenomenon of "double eyelids".

Adopting the original U.S. BPM TV dynamic image monitoring system, thus controlling the lateral alignment accuracy of the print pattern, the product nuances are true and clear.


4, color difference
Equipped with the original U.S. (Asia's first) MERCRUY electronic color measurement system, the color resolution of this system is 100 times that of the human eye, so it can control the color difference between the same batch and different batches of printed products in the smallest possible range, which can fully satisfy your requirements for color difference.

5, Stable quality
The temperature control system adopts the original German PS intelligent control system, which has high precision of temperature control and prevents the unstable quality of prints caused by temperature change.

6,People-oriented and strict management
Our technicians have more than 20 years of professional experience, which ensures the fine work in the whole production process, and strict quality control technology to ensure stable product quality.
Changzhou Jili Paper Co., Ltd. provides you with excellent decorative paper at the most favorable price in the industry, and warmly welcomes your arrival.
To the user The company's production of Jili brand decorative paper, after fifteen years of all the Jili people's efforts, has been generally praised by the majority of customers, which attracted some unscrupulous businessmen counterfeit, such as the purchase of counterfeit goods, may bring you losses, so please recognize the trademark of the majority of merchants when ordering Jili.

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